Discover why Neil Smith is still in business 50 years later

Neil Smith

"Gimme a call and I'll come take a look at the job and give you an estimate, free of charge."


Recent Projects

project photo
August 21, 2023

Land upgrades in Maple Ridge

land clearing, site grading
2 acres
12 days
project photo
May 22, 2023

Developing Kevin's bee farm

land clearing
10 acres


Large ExcavatorMini ExcavatorSkid SteerBulldozer



Mechanic Neil Smith created Peden Industries back in 1969 to support his family and fund his drag-racing hobby, owing his success to his rock solid business philosophy:

"My prices are competitive and my standards are high... But if somehow you don't like the work I do, just fire me!"


Back in the day Neil didn't need to advertise -- because everybody knew him! But now that all of his connections have since passed or retired, he's decided to try new modes of advertisement, like ads on google or in the newspaper, and referral discounts.


Neil has been using his expertise to deliver value to homeowners and contractors alike for years. He does not disappoint.

And the number of times people have said to me things like "your grandfather is the sweetest!" might surprise you. He is very easy to work with.