Brush Cutting & Mulching

Neil Smith

"Gimme a call and I'll come take a look at the job and give you an estimate, free of charge."

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Hey, it's Neil. Right now I'm trying out a new promotion: 5% off for newcomers!

You get to save hundreds or even thousands and still get the same service I've been at for years.

Neil's team

Neil has spent years building his team. For instance, his right-hand-man Nathan has been with him for 30 years.

Neil's motto

"My prices are competitive and my standards are high... But if somehow you don't like the work we do, just fire me!"

Made easy

50 years experience means you've got the right team for the job: We're efficient and effective with your time and money.

And we're fully equipped with a new mulching attachment!

"I love Neil. We've had him back a couple of times. He gives us a quote and is usually bang-on."

Previous brush cutting and mulching projects

project photo
April 18, 2023

Miracle Valley mulching

mulching, brush cutting
2 acres
2 days
project photo
April 01, 2023

2 acres of mulching in Aldergrove

brush cutting, mulching